We are highly a knowledgeable group of traveler’s that would like to share our experiences from what we have seen and most importantly done. We have seen it all! Porky’s Packers Travel is one of the very best and competitively priced tour operators specializing in South East Asia.

The Founders Steve and Simon met in University some 15 years ago in the U.K. After graduating we started to travel and work our way around the world. This became somewhat of an addiction! Our favourite places are Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

We have spent the last 10 years living in these countries full time, bearing in mind we are still on in our early 30’s. We are fluent in the Thai and Laos languages making it very easy to support and organise your tours with local businesses and tour companies.

We feel that our ‘on the ground’ expertise is the best of the best and you will be in good hands if you book with us.We have funded our travels by working in various travel agents, resorts, backpacker bars and tour providers.

This is where our vast knowledge base comes from to be able to pass on to keen travelers like yourselves hoping to make the best out of your journey to these magical Kingdoms.

We have a very strong position in these places as our contacts are a direct link to all the amazing adventure treks, hotels, dive schools, motorcycle tours, you name it, that we have personally met and become friends with over the years.

This, we strongly believe is why Porky’s Packers is and always will be the number one choice for like – minded travelers seeking unforgettable experiences and memories. We organise trips for singles, couples, groups, etc.

We are a new age open minded backpacker friendly company that will pass down our wisdom which we have gained from doing it ourselves. So whether it is a long trip around Thailand and Indochina or a 5 star honeymoon on the paradise Islands we can provide anything you want. We are young and fresh and want you to be blown away by what we can offer.

So get in touch and let Porky’s Packers Travel do the rest!