Backpacking Thailand – The Big Bumper

For a totally action packed value for money deal why not go for the backpacking thailand Big Bumper Tour.

This is a combination of everything Porky’s has to offer from, The Northern twist with full moon experience and gulf island tour. The Backpacking Thailand Big Bumper is a great value for money way to really see north and south Thailand and the great thing about this tour is it can operate all year round. On the way to the northern capital- Chiang Mai you will stop off at Ayutthaya to visit this ancient city with its famous temples and Buddha images then on to the town of Lopburi which has almost as many monkeys as people roaming the streets.

The main Chiang Mai experience is trekking into the northern hill-tribes, to get close with the locals, and experience their colorful ethnic way of life including elephant riding and rafting on the river, also visit the local waterfalls where you can take a natural shower.

Then you will visit the town of Pai for those surreal views of the horizon and amazing mountains. Here where you will meet very cool people and have the chance to learn some circus skills. Pai is also a great place for cruising around on motorcycles. There is very good nightlife in Pai with its international bars and restaurants.

Then the Backpacking Thailand Big Bumper tour takes you to the Gulf of Thailand. Transport provided is by plane and train. First you will fly from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, then connect with the night- train from Bangkok to Suratthani, then connect with a ferry to the island of Koh Samui.

You will spend 3 days there in a bungalow on right on the beach, great for sunbathing to top up your tan, or swimming in the turquoise water. Enjoy a beachside massage. Spend a day at Angthong Marine Park, where a lot of the movie the beach was actually filmed. This majestic place is a National park of 44 islands and is famous for the emerald lagoon.

After 4 days on Koh Samui, enjoying the nightlife and warming up for full moon party we will then take a short thirty minute ferry to the island of koh phangan as the Backpacking Thailand Tour goes to the next Level at the Full Moon Party. This perfect Island can be to either relax or enjoy the party. We have the option to be there at full moon or non full moon. The prices are more expensive if we stay over the full-moon party period of time.

Also whilst on koh phangan we take part in an introduction to scuba diving, where we go diving with an instructor to the local reef.Feel free to upgrade to a bigger dive site or even take the open water diving course. Then there is the optional 2 day stay in Koh Tao which is over populated with diving schools. After this tour we take the high speed catamaran and bus to Bangkok from Koh Phangan or koh Tao.

Obviously there will be a small add on for the 2 days in koh Tao.

Backpacking Thailand – The Big Bumper By Porky’s Packers

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 21
Maximum number of people: 10
Location: Thailand, Chiang Mai, Pai, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Bangkok
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Arrive date:
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Tour’s Program

Board the train in Lopburi, 20.41 to Chiang Mai, Visit the ancient city of Ayutthaya and the mad monkey city while on the way.  Board the train in the monkey city. Next Day arrive in Chiang Mai and be met by Porky's Reps and taken to your Porky's allocated Hotel in the center of the city. Have the evening at leisure.
Mahoot training course where you really get close to the giant animals. You will learn everything about them.Next Day Finnish mahout course and return to Hotel.
2 Day 1 night hanging out with the hilltribes, this is where we get close to the local people from the Karen tribes, also enjoy elephant trekking, bamboo rafting and whitewater rafting, after the second day return to hotel.
Spend the morning riding on ziplines through the jungle 100 ft above the trees, this is not for the faint hearted. After riding the zipline return to hotel, then on the next day at 10 am we have a bus to take you to Pai.
Enjoy this mountainous town, this is an old hippy commune with lots of character and art. Here you can either relax at the circus school. Learning different Circus activities or take a bike and explore the waterfalls and hot springs.
Return from Pai to Chiang Mai by bus. Then connect with a flight to Bangkok. On arrival in Bangkok we connect you by night train to Suratthani. On day the 12th day arrive in Suratthani Train station and meet your bus to take you to the pier for a ferry to Koh Samui Island.
We take you on a voyage by boat into Angthong Marine park, this is where most of the movie the beach was filmed. Snorkel and kayak around these 44 islands, visit the emerald lagoon. On the next day you are free to relax on the beach and chill.
Enjoy your last day on Koh Samui before going to the famous party Island of Koh Phangan. On the next day transfer by ferry to Koh Phangan.
Enjoy the underwater world with an introduction to Scuba Diving. Also hit up some of Koh Phangan's parties. Open Air Festival, 4 elements, Jungle experience, Full Moon. Koh Phangan has music for all types. Where you can party all night long under the stars.
Relax on Koh Phangan before embarking on the Night train journey and ferry to Bangkok.
Arrive in Bangkok and have one night stay at Porky's allocated Hotel or Hostel that ends our Big Bumper Backpacking Thailand Tour.