The Full Moon Party Experience

What  more could you want when backpacking and feeling free than attending the biggest monthly beach party in the world. Wait for it, FULL MOON PARTY, Koh Phangan. In South Thailand language, Koh Phangan means Sand Bank. With a  40 Km perimeter and only 55 km from the mainland.

A great destination for all, It was a favourite for King Rama V. The main economy in the past was farming coconuts, then tin mining, Then tourism took a hold fishing and farming.

Fishing and farming are still important to local economy.

Now a great place to dive , Only 1 hour and a half away from Sail Rock, One of the best dive sites in South Thailand, Also the local diving  also is very  good. With plenty of sea life.

With 1 3rd of the world being under water. If you haven’t dived you ain’t seen nothing. Part of the Full Moon experience a local introduction to scuba can’t be missed.

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 4
Maximum number of people: 10
Location: Thailand, Koh Phangan
Departure date:
Arrive date:
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Tour’s Program

Take the Nightrain at 19.35 pm Hua Lumpong Station Bangkok to Surathani, taking the arriving at 07:30am
Short bus and drive 60 Km to the pier then it is a 2 hour boat ride to the Island, once you arrive in Koh Phangan and instantly you will feel party fever. There will be a truck waiting for you at the pier to take you to your Accommodation. Check in then you are free to roam. WARNING: Be careful when renting motorcycles, if a big group. To be safe rent a pickup truck as it is much safer.
Local introduction to Scuba,  Feel free to upgrade to a full one,where you get  first stage cert and dive at Sail Rock. On return to the hotel, get washed up  then out for Jungle Experience.
What every you need to do to  get prepared for the biggest monthly beach party in the world, get your UV paints but remember to wash it of otherwise it can turn out to be an expensive full moon. Remember you have the all  inclusive BBQ party Pre Full Moon,  then taxi provided to the party and as a special Porky’s Privilege we get you  back safely.
Recovery Day after your Full Moon Party Experience or you might still be at Backyard till late