Kong Lor Cave Vientiane

Accommodation will be provided in a popular hostel in the vicinity of the promenade, which stretches along Mekong river in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Here you can spend the evening in the ambience of the river with it’s many restaurants and bars, local and international. After spending the night here you will be picked up from your hostel and transferred south by bus to the town of Takaek roughly 5 hours by road, for two nights.

In the small town of Takaek you will be provided with a 2 night stay in a local guest house. On the second day a visit to the Kong Lor cave will be arranged, which is one of main highlights in Laos, located in this region. Be sure to have some trainers or hiking boots- contact Porky’s if you need any help in obtaining suitable shoes for this excursion. Kong Lor cave is an impressive 8 kilometres long and at times the roof is 50 metres above the river that runs through. It is vast. The boat ride and experienced driver/guide is included in the tour. Safety is of the utmost importance. Our guide will inform you of all the correct procedures. You don’t have to be an experienced hiker or trekker to take part in this tour, it is for anyone.

After the tour you will be returned to your accommodation for another night. If you would like to continue your tour through Southern Laos contact Porky’s for more information.

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 3
Maximum number of people: 10
Location: Laos, Vientiane
Departure date:
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Tour’s Program

you will be accommodated in a popular hostel in the capital of laos, Vientiane, for one night where you can explore the Mekong River front and promenade with its many restaurants and bars, local and international.
A pick up by bus is provided three hours south of Vientiane to the town of Takaka. Here you will spend two nights with the purpose of visiting the nearby twelve kilometer Kong Lor cave. You can take a boat through this wondrous feat of nature lined with stalactites and stalag nights. Kong Lor is one of the most spectacular highlights of Laos. Lined with limestone rocks towering into the rooftop with rapids weaving along the river- Kong Lor cave is a must for any adventurous traveller in this region.