Phi Phi Island Backpacking – The Andaman Dream

After your arrival in Bangkok and introduction to Thai culture and the atmosphere of the bustling capital. What better way is there to start your phi phi island backpacking extravaganza than to visit the Andaman Coast in the south west of the country!

This region is famous for its powder white sand beaches, karst limestone cliffs and dazzling turquoise waters. For this tour, we board the night-train at 18.30 pm to Trang in the south west, arriving the following morning. We then have a minivan and short boat ride to the Island of Koh Muk. For all you sea and sand seekers this small island is a total must.

You can arrive on Hat Sivalai or the spectacular Hat Farang, aka Charlie beach, where jade water kisses a perfect beach. This island covers a very small area and has no real roads. However it is the most prominent of the Trang coast line. Koh Muk is mostly occupied by sea facing towering cliffs to the west. Located on the east side of the Island is a village of fishermen who have still maintained their ways of life as islanders. On the Island to the west is Tham Morakot, a unique sea cave, with light shining from the outside- emerald water can be seen inside the cave.Tham Morokot (Morokot Cave) is extremely unusual and the natural beauty is spectacular.

After your 2 days on Koh Muk it is time to continue the tour of the Andaman Islands and start your phi phi island backpacking adventure. There is no better place to go from here than the extremely famous Koh Phi Phi, famed by the movie the Beach, just a boat ride away. Phi Phi is made up of two Islands, Phi Phi Don, meaning the larger of the two Islands and Phi Phi Leh.  Phi Phi Don was initially populated by Muslim fishermen, but during the late 1940s and later becoming a coconut plantation. The population is between 2000 and 3000 people. Koh Phi Phi was devastated by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of December 2004, when nearly the entire Islands infrastructure was destroyed. As of 2010 most but not all had been restored. Phi Phi Don is 8km long and 3.5 km wide.

Porky’s packers recommend you split your phi phi island backpacking trip to 3 days in Koh Phi Phi to enjoy the much talked about nightlife on loh Dalum bay. Here you can dance on the beach under a bed of stars all night long. Another Porky’s proven winner is to spend the night at Maya Bay. This is the famous beach from the movie (The Beach) Get the Leonardo experience for one night only where you sleep on board our ship anchored just a short swim from shore.  To enjoy a barbecue on Maya bay is sure to be one of the highlights of your vacation. After our 3 days on Phi Phi Island it is time to take an 80 minute boat ride to Ao Nang beach town in Krabi province.

Krabi is on the southern province on Thailand’s Andaman seaboard. After dating stone tools, ancient coloured pictures, beads, pottery and skeletal remains found in the provinces many cliffs and caves, it is thought that Krabi has been home to homo sapiens since the period 25,000 to 35,000 bc. Rock climbing, sailing, kayaking in mangroves and snorkeling are a few of the main activities. Krabi is a very active place and not really just for sunbathing.

The rock faces of Railay Beach near Ao Nang have attracted rock climbers from all over the world and each year plays host to the rock and fire festival. As part of your vacation four days in the Krabi area is perfect, but be prepared to be active. It is not a sit down, do nothing place. You must make the most of the spectacular surroundings which will leave a soft spot in your heart for the Krabi Province and our phi phi island backpacking tour.

Phi Phi Island Backpacking – The Andaman Dream by Porky’s Packers

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 11
Maximum number of people: 10
Location: Thailand, Krabi, Phi Phi Island
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Tour’s Program

Get yourself to Hua Lumpong Station by 18.00, Train leaves for Trang at 18.30; enjoy a few ales on the train.
Arrive in Trang at 9am, be met at the station, and see your names being held up by Porky's people. Then you will be taken to your resort on Koh Muk where you can spend the afternoon and evening at your own leisure.
A true Porky's favourite is too make your own way to the Morakot Cave and emerald lagoon. Could be a long day so a Porky's picnic is recommended. Make sure you leave before high tide.
At 9 am board your vessel to take you to Koh Phi Phi and start you Phi Phi Island Backpacking Tour. On arrival make your way to Porky's allocated hotel/hostel. Please check your voucher. Spend the afternoon and evening at your own leisure.
Please check out of your hotel. At 3pm you will be met by Porky's reps and taken to the live-aboard boat, where you will go and spend the night on Maya Bay, the final location from the movie The Beach. This bay is surrounded by majestic lime-stone mountains creating a surreal atmosphere. Be Leonardo for the night and enjoy a lovely barbecue on a stunning beach and is the highlight of the Phi Phi Island Backpacking Tour.
Wake up, breakfast is served, then you have time for snorkeling in the crystal clear waters, then we head back to Phi Phi don to check back into your Hotel and enjoy the rest of the day and evening at your own pace and reflect on some amazing beaches and scenery on our Phi Phi Island Backpacking part of the tour.
Have your Breakfast, be ready for an early checkout as we will be met at 8.30 am to take the ferry to Krabi. On arrival in Krabi it is your responsibility to make your own way to your Porky's allocated Hotel. Spend the afternoon and evening at your own leisure, maybe get a motorcycle and have a good look around the surrounding waterfalls and hot springs. Krabi has it all.
Up bright and early as we get picked up at 8.20 am to go on a historical kayaking journey through Bor Thor National Park. Here we visit the ancient caves which show early signs of caveman writing, take in the scenery see the tropical plant and wildlife and enjoy the views from your kayak whilst meandering through the caves and warm waters. After Kayaking return to the hotel and enjoy the evening at your own leisure. There is the option to combine the day with quad biking. See individual tours.
Now for the pick of Porky's adventures. We will spend the afternoon and evening on our own little vessel around the Noparathara national park for a day of Deep water solo climbing. This is climbing with no ropes and either falling or jumping into the turquoise ocean. Snorkeling equipment is provided and our boat will be stocked with cold beer. We will stop for a sunset barbecue and unique fire show under the stars on Poda Island. This is a Porky's 5 star day.
Spend your final night in Krabi, have a day to yourselves or choose one of the many excursions on offer. Take a look at Porky's list of optional extras.
Take a look at Porky's list of of optional extras.