The Love Of Lao’s

There is no better way than to get to Laos that to take the scenic route. The 3 day slow boat to Luang prabang (ancient capital), connecting you very well with the northern twist, another Porky’s favourite.

The Slow Boat
One of porky’s people will pick you up from you Chiang Mai hotel at 10 am and then you board the bus, sitting for 5 hours to our first stop Chiang Rai. Here you will visit the spectacular White temple; you will be gobsmacked by this
prestigious place.

Then on to Chiang Khong which is the bordering town adjacent to Huay Xai. This is where you will stay for the night, an evening meal and guesthouse will be provided for the night.The following day after eating breakfast you will be assisted crossing the Laos border and making your visa.

Remember you will need 2 mug-shots of yourself and $35. After all the official stuff is complete you set sail on your not so luxury but fun riverboat .This is very pleasant with surreal views to either side. It takes about 6 hours until you arrive in the town of Pakbeng. Here you are responsible for your own food and accommodation. Do not take the boatman’s recommendation. There are plenty to choose from, the same goes for restaurants and bars, So just chill out in the evening, have a nice meal and watch the world go by.

Get up early the next morning, eat your breakfast and get your seat on the boat. Then you have an 8 hour hour boat ride past spectacular views of limestone mountains in the horizon. You will arrive about 10 k outside Luang prabang, then you will need to grab a tuk tuk into the city, if you walk a little away from the pier you will be able to find cheaper ones. So take a ride to Porky’s allocated Hostel. Do not worry you will not be alone. There are many backpackers going in the same direction who also need a ride.

Luang Prabang

The afternoons are quiet and hazy here, the smell of bonfires fill the air as the locals tidy their land. Time moves slower and faster all at once because here, time no longer matters. PDR (please don’t rush) is a local saying that depicts the lifestyle here perfectly so it’s easy to see why many backpackers stay longer than originally planned. You’ll be won over by its charming French architecture and plentiful bookshops surrounded by the mighty Mekong. The night market provides a Technicolor feast of trinkets and treasures. No less than 12 Wat’s call this town home, so expect to see many monks going about their day. When it comes to activities Luang Prabang does not
disappoint. Porky’s recommend Mount Phousi, Kuang Si falls and Elephant Villages are to name a few of its best. Enough to keep you busy for a good few days at least.

If you’re feeling less adventurous, dream away your days at utopia a bar that’s Zen by day and groovy by night. With all the lovely things on offer, it’s a shame to say they come with a hefty price tag in comparison to its neighbouring countries. Do not let this put you off. Luang Prabang is unique town not to be missed. After Louangprabang for 4 days we then take a 5 hours bus ride to Vang vieng

Vang Vieng

This sleepy town is littered with memories of its heyday. The famous party town with happy menu’sand tubing. Determined to remove this unsavory reputation the government has come down hard On Vang Vieng. Resulting in a quiet ghost town where doing nothing is everything. If on the other hand, you are looking for a good time, the jungle party still happens every friday.Due to the high mountains that circle the town it’s rather warm here, with little wind or cloud.

Perfect time to chill by the pool, and work on your tan whilst reading a good book. Activity wise, the infamous tubing is still up and running, but offers a more chilled experience. Bike or tuk-tuk to ‘The Blue Lagoon’ a deep crevice flowing with natural spring water, the luminescence of blues and greens can at times, seem almost alien. There are caves to explore, fantastic food to be sampled and cocktails waiting patiently to be sipped. So let’s take it down a gear, kick back, and relax because here time is nothing but a number.  After 4 days here time to move on to Vientiane.

Vientiane being the capital City of Lao’s. This is  quite a small Riverside City. The capital is a good place to stop to make visas for Vietnam. There are some fine French Restaurants and the riverside is fast becoming popular with tourists. So sit back and have a nice meal.

That is the northern part of Laos, Then either connect with Vietnam  in a nutshell or carry on going down the south of Laos. This is a 12  day tour. If you wish to continue with the love of Laos then there is another 10 day add on which will leave you in Cambodia. Then you can connect with another program.


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Tour type: Daily Tour
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Maximum number of people: 10
Location: Laos, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, Vientiane
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