This is an option for those lacking in time and can only really explore the Northern part of Vietnam.

You will be met by Our Porky’s Rep in your Hotel in Hanoi at the start of your Backpacking Vietnam Tour.

Starting point HANOI/HCMC

It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling north or south, the same tour applies just the opposite

direction. One from North to south and vice versa.


Being the capital, Hanoi is bursting with hustle with a side of bustle. You wouldn’t need to spend more than a couple of nights here. Porky’s Packers recommend it as a pit­stop on your journey to Halong Bay and Sa Pa. Ho Hoan Kiem lake works as the central hub, and serves as an escape from the city that surrounds it.

An array of museums to keep you occupied in the day, along with a plenty of restaurants, shops and rooftop bars by night to watch the city glow with life into the darkness.

Halong Bay

Around 4 hours east of Hanoi sits an Archipelago, a maze of islands scattered across 150 mile stretch. Jagged limestone rocks covered in vibrant green vegetation sit in a pool of glistening turquoise, a natural wonder of the world.

Caves sit hidden inside the rock, you’ll be given the opportunity to explore the largest one for yourself. Unearthly stalactites reach down for you like witches fingers. Whilst the dank dark atmosphere harbours the sense you’re intruding into her home.

Porky’s recommends kayaking and this should not be missed. Getting up close to the rocks as you glide along the water. Head through a tunnel to reach a lagoon that’s home to many macaque monkeys that live along the rock face.

Make sure you stop at Cat Ba Island, it is the largest of the 366 islands spanning 260 km2 and home to Cat Ba national park. A great place to find some tough but rewarding trekking. Half way through the ascent, the stone steps gently transform into jungle floor. You climb your way to the peak of the mountain, wipe away the beads of sweat that roll down your face and reap the reward for your efforts. Gazing miles out into dense emerald jungle.

Sa Pa

A 10 hour train ride through the dark of the night will take you from Hanoi to Lao Chai, close the to the border of China. From there it takes an hour to bus north and reach Sa Pa, a 15th century village that sits 1500m high, nestled in the eastern edge of the Himalayan mountains.

You will learn about the history and culture of ancient Vietnam here. The hillside is scattered with villages that are built into the surroundings. Each village has it’s own dialect although they are merely kilometres apart. It’s cooler here, mist gathers at the tops of mountains and in winter there is often a lot of snow. When you come to Sapa you come to experience real trekking, the steady pace and unruly terrain cause you learn to live only in the now. The breathtaking layers of mountainous farmland and the graduated greens that hover in your periphery, equal to a sense of peace and tranquility you will have never felt before.
The trek itself can be strenuous but the local ladies gather around offering their hand to help you. They hop through the terrain with ease and finesse whether they be at the age of 7 or 70 and they do so with babies and baskets strapped to their backs whilst weaving strands of hemp or creating sculptures or of leaves. This is a Porky’s Packers gem for all you mad backpacking adventurers out there!!

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Tour type: Daily Tour
Duration: 10
Maximum number of people: 10
Location: Vietnam, Halong Bay, Hanoi, Sa Pa
Departure date:
Arrive date:
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Tour’s Program

Arrive in Hanoi and make your own way by taxi to one of Porky’s Places this will be given to you in your voucher booking. Enjoy your first night in the bustling city and soak up the atmosphere and vibe.
Pick from our hostel at 9am and you will be taken to the magnificent Halong Bay. Then step on board the vessel from a glorious 3 day / 2 night cruise. Sleep on board in your comfy cabin is one of the highlights of our Backpacking Vietnam Tour.
Enjoy Kayaking around the Karst Limestone mountains and cliffs. Nect we will stop at Catbar Island where we all stay in Beach Bungalow for the night – what an amazing experience this will be. Stargazing and thinking of those back home ; )
Return to Hanoi and sleep 1 night here in our Porky’s Packers allocated guest house. Always a treat.
Begin the 4 day Sapa Hill Tribe Tour! Departing Hanoi at 7pm on board the Luxury Night Train where you will get your own cabin to sleep and chill out. Walk down the aisles and bump into the locals and travel buddies share stories of your Backpacking Vietnam Tour and have a few beers to relax and unwind.
Arrive in Sapa and get checked into the hotel in Sapa City. You will then be taken on a City Tour to encounter all of it’s best bits.
2 days / 1 night Trekking up near the Himalayas on the boarder with China. Beware of Mr. Frosty in January as it can get really cold on our Backpacking Vietnam Tour. After you finish here you will be taken to Sapa Train Station to return to Hanoi.
Arrive in Hanoi and stay overnight in the accommodation we provide. Do everything you can or just wine and dine in a local riverside or Lakeside restaurant.
For those with less time hop off our Backpacking Vietnam Tour. For those with more time we recommend you carry on and let the Porky’s escalate you in trip you will never forget.